Family. It’s why we’re here.

John Watson, second generation goldsmith and designer, continues a tradition of ability and knowledge in the Watson Workshop.

“Seeing my dad in his shop – all the tools, the hammering and flames, the tresaures being made. It’s in my blood and it’s that passion that carries us on.” – John Watson

-The Watson family has a long standing history in the industry beginning with founder Roger Watson who in 1962 took an opportunity to join Henry Birks & Sons Jewellers of Canada.

It was at Birks Roger met his future wife Karen and for 17 years was able to learn and grow, building the foundation of knowledge on which he opened Roger Watson Jewellers at Eaton place in Winnipeg in 1979.

With a focus on quality Roger built up his business with his family over the next 40 years giving his son John the opportunity to experience many aspects of the industry from gem identification and modern manufacturing techniques to selling diamonds and changing watch batteries.

In 2001, John joined the business focusing full time on custom design work and up tooling the factory for the combination of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques.

Formally trained in Jewellery Art Design and 3D Computer Aided Design, through the Gemological Institute of America, John possess a keen eye for layout and proportion and has developed a unique process of working directly with his clients to deliver a high level of understanding giving them the confidence to know they are heading in the right direction.

John is always looking… looking to the future, looking to the past and aiming to create beauty today.